Home Treatments

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on home treatments.

Reading The Mantle and Oil Theory may answer some of your questions.

General Oil Treatment – for dry and/or itchy scalp and hair.

Chelating agent treatments involve compounds that attract metals and pry them from your strands so that they can be washed away. The metals often come from your water source. What do metals and other buildup do? They can react unpredictably with color and/or block color absorption, weigh the hair down, and can create a brassy appearance to hair color.

Color Prime Treatment- intended for use within 12 hours before a color service.
Color Prime is a treatment that incorporates Color Prepare, a product of Malibu C. Color prepare contains a chelating agent. It readies the hair for pigment penetration, which aims to increase color longevity. It is available at Ugly Mug Studio, Malibuc.com, and/or Amazon.com.

A Lift – for shedding buildup and replacing it with moisture and proteins.
This in-salon treatment can be done at home. The chelating agent is the product Crystal Gel by Malibu C. The first part of the treatment will be the application of this gel. The second part may be a vegetable protein cream (like Miracle Repair by Malibu C) or a keratin treatment (animal protein, see proteins section below) if the hair structure needs it. You may also want to add or incorporate a third step for moisture, either a quick oil application or a full oil infusion. Crystal Gels are available at Ugly Mug Studio, Malibuc.com or amazon.com.

Two conditions to be aware of:

  1. If you have silver or white hair, the Crystal Gel may turn them slightly pink. This is temporary (a week or so).
  2. If you have been washing your hair for years in really hard water, like well water, there is a possibility that your hair will break after a Lift. This is because your hair has been overcome by metals other particles that have eroded your hair’s structure. In extreme cases, the metals may become the hair’s main structure. If you suspect this is the case, a vegetable protein cream will do little to help. They are topical proteins that do not build, which is why they are popular in many daily-use hair products. To rebuild the structure of the hair you will need animal protein, which does build on the hair. However, these can build up too much. See the section on proteins below for more details. To address weak hair structure in salon, a Bond treatment can also help with this.

Applicator bottles and plastic caps may make this treatment at home easy. You can reuse an old shampoo or conditioner bottle for mixing, and a plastic grocery store bag in place of a cap.

Lift Part 1:

Lift Part Two

If you hair is strong, condition with Miracle Repair. Leave this on for at least 10 minutes. It is a lighter moisturizer. If your structure is weak, you may need a Keratin Treatment instead of the Miracle Repair.

If your hair is dry, you can do a Quick Oil Application with the Miracle Repair. If it is really dry, you may want to follow part two with an Oil Infusion.

Proteins are not all alike. Vegetable proteins do not build on the hair. Animal proteins do, offering benefits such as strength and structure, but beware: too much animal protein can build up on the hair like a crust that deflects moisture and vitamins, thus weakening your strands. These should be done no more than every 8 – 12 weeks. Maybe do the first and second treatments 4 weeks apart and then another eight weeks for the third, but only if your hair is breaking. When your hair regains its strength, do not reapply! The following is an animal protein (keratin) treatment.

Keratin Treatment – for weak hair, split ends, and/or breakage.

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