Services FAQ

1.    Why is there an additional charge for Shampooing and Conditioning?

2. What is the difference between a trim and a cut?

A trim is a maintenance cut done regularly, about 3-8 weeks. A cut is usually a style refresh (about 9 or more weeks since your last cut) or a style alteration (giving something new a try?). The cost may depend on the immediate service and how much time is actually spent. An initial haircut usually takes longer than a trim or a cut, potentially an hour and half, but it is still charged the same as a cut.

3. What is an adjustment?

How the hair wears in the day to day versus how it looks right out of the salon can be very different. If there are struggles, if the cut or color is not quite how you want it, call and schedule an adjustment within the first two weeks of a service. These are free. Sometimes getting the hair design you want is a journey.

4. What is the difference between new growth and refresh services?

New growth services address only the virgin hair: the new, uncolored growth that is the natural color and composition. A refresh is a different formula that deposits color on the mid-shaft and the ends. When new growth is longer than 3/4 an inch from the scalp, it qualifies as mid-shaft. If a service requires a separate formula for this new growth, it is charged as a refresh. If not, it is charged as a new growth. Keep in mind, hair changes. A formula may have to change at the time of services rendered, which can affect the cost.

5. What is a Quick Tone?

6. What is a Base Color and Base Color Refresh?

Base colors are the foundation of any color service. It can be the natural color or a single color that covers the whole head. A Base Color service is the application of artificial color that covers gray, uncolored (virgin) hair. It can be transparent or opaque, flat or dimensional. It does not lighten previously colored hair, but it can go darker. Lightening and/or removing old color requires a different direction with chemicals, which may or may not be an Intense Alteration/Color Correction service.

A base color refresh is the application of a second-formula artificial color from roots to ends for a deposit on faded tones.

7. What is a Base Color Refresh with Lights?

Lights are considered subtle highlights, 1-4 levels lighter (depending on how light an individual’s hair will safely go) than the base color. These are placed strategically for texture and contrast. Depending on your style, lights can be maintained less frequently than base colors.

8. Why use foils?

Foils is the term used to describe a method of coloring that allows multiple colors to happen in the hair, whether it’s all artificial or the natural is the base. This method can also help to decrease damage and/or maintenance. Foils themselves are not the only tools we use for this method. Depending on what design we are working towards, foils, saran, mesh, or direct painting will be applied.

9. What is an Accent Color?

Accent colors are a few foils that add depth and movement to a base color. They can also disguise and/or blend gray. These are strategically placed, either over a single panel (a single section about 6 inches long to 3.5 inches wide) or scattered across several panels. Placement is dependent on the desired effect.

10. What is a Partial Color?

Partials are two things: foil count and/or panel coverage. Panel coverage refers to the application of color to a section about 6 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. This depth and width can angle in many ways across the head.
Foil count refers to the amount of foils over a single panel. Moderate to heavy coverage can achieved via 4 to 20 foils in a panel.

11. What is a Full Foil?

A Full Foil Service is the placement of foils over the entire head (all the panels) with moderate to heavy color coverage.

12. What is Vibrant Coloring?

There are three kinds of services with Vibrant Coloring. The initial service will most often require two chemical processes or more to achieve the right lift before depositing color. This is charged as an Intense Alteration because of a number of variables involved when lifting the hair from roots to ends. The other two kinds of vibrant services are maintenance. New growth, which is also a two part service, lightens the new growth up to 4 levels of lift. If the vibrant color desired requires more lift than one lightening process can yield, an added color process charge will be applied. Refresh services are a single process reapplication of the vibrant color where it faded from the initial service, which requires no lifting.

13. What is an Intense Alteration/Color Correction?

This is a service that encompasses any treatments, color removal, level lifting (dark to light), and specialized coloring required to achieve the design you want. Often, these follow the hair’s responses to achieve excellent color while keeping the hair strong. It is important not to skip or rush what steps your end goal requires. A consultation can provide a time estimate, but again, everything depends on what your hair actually does.

14. Are there ombre or other special effect coloring services available?

Yes. These are billed as partials or fulls or alterations depending on how much hair is processed. For example, to achieve an ombre, lightening or treatments may be required, therefore the initial service will be an Intense Alteration/Color Correction. Once the look is achieved, maintenance may be simply a quick tone. Maybe the ombre base color is artificial to cover gray, which means maintenance is a base color service. A partial will bring the highlights up to the crown.

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